I went to Albertsons last night to take advantage of the Stock Up sale before it ends on Tuesday! Above is a picture of the 15 $.39 Powerades (usually $1.39 each) and $1.48 gallon of milk I picked up. My husband Mike is much more clever than I am and stacked the Powerades. 🙂

On Sundays when you wear your Cardinals jersey, don’t forget that you save an extra 10%.

Click here for a post with more information about the Stock Up sale (including coupons). For the Powerade and the milk, you’ll need a coupon off the ad, but if your Albertsons is out of ads like mine was, ask the cashier if (s)he has copies at the register.

Note: Albertsons did sponsor posts about their stock up sale! I think it’s such a great deal, I’m heading back for more before the sale ends.

Alicia :-)

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