If you’re looking for something fun and western to do with out of town guests, this could be a perfect deal for you! Head over here to get a $40 gift card to Rawhide for $24 with code SALE3 (code expires 1/11). The steakhouse there has a great menu.



While you’re there, you might want to check out the highly rated Lights of the World Festival going on through January 29th. Head over here to get a family of four (any ages) in Monday-Thursday for as low as $49. Tickets are usually $24.99 for adults and $14.99 for youth. Unfortunately you can’t use code SALE3 with this deal.

“Lights of the World Lantern Festival combines an ancient Chinese tradition with modern-day technology. The showcase displays 11 exhibits with some 75 brilliant displays, amounting to over 4 million colorful lights. As visitors walk through the multicolored masterpieces they’ll encounter a world of surprises, including friendly, life-like dinosaurs. The family friendly event includes live acrobatic shows and international cuisine as well as carnival rides and games. Artisans will also be on hand, creating unique, handmade art to commemorate the celebration.”