The Diary of Anne Frank is playing at The Herberger Theater and you can head over here to get tickets for as low as $20 plus fees on Goldstar while supplies last, usually $60-$68. I’d really like to take the family for a powerful look at life during the Holocaust.

“One of the most unforgettable stories of the 20th century, The Diary of Anne Frank captures the claustrophobic realities of eight people hiding from the Nazis in a concealed storage attic in war-torn Amsterdam. Anne’s daily existence — her fears, her hopes, her laughter, her grief and her family’s desperate attempt to preserve humanity in an inhumane world — drive this transcendently powerful true-life tale. Incorporating newly discovered writings from the diary of Anne Frank, as well as survivor accounts, to create an impassioned story of the lives of Jews persecuted under Nazi rule, it is a story that continually lingers in our minds throughout the generations because of its optimism and intrinsic truth. Frank’s timeless story encapsulates the idea that no matter how dire the circumstances, faith in the good of people is what keeps the world in balance … even when all seems lost. Relive her harrowing story when Arizona Theatre Company’s adaptation comes to the Herberger Theater Center’s Center Stage.”

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