We all know that we should keep tabs on our credit. If you don’t know your score, head over here to get it FOR FREE from Credit Sesame.

I use the free service and check my score regularly for peace of mind. I love that it’s completely free.

“Stay on top of your credit

Our free membership offers monthly credit score updates. Your credit score is an important measure of your creditworthiness. Credit card companies, lenders, banks, landlords, and employers use this to help determine what terms they will offer you. Our 1 Bureau score comes from TransUnion.

Receive credit monitoring alerts

Our daily credit monitoring will alert you to important changes on your credit report, and provide analysis of your credit and financial situation. Our 1 Bureau daily credit monitoring covers TransUnion alerts.

Get $50,000 worth of fraud insurance

When you sign up for Credit Sesame’s free credit monitoring, we’ll automatically give you $50,000 identity theft insurance, plus live access to talk to identity restoration specialists — for free. In the event you are ever a victim of identity theft, you won’t be alone to deal with it because we’ve got you covered.”