Here’s another life changer that my really smart friends Teresa and Jen told me about (THANK YOU LADIES)! Head over here to pick up a 32 ounce bottle of Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar With The Mother (that part is very important). It’s $5.98 at Walmart and you can pick it up in store. On Amazon you can get a bottle shipped for $8.87 (or pick it up the next time you’re at the store). My children have started to get acne and Teresa mentioned she used it on a pimple and it went away. I used a few drops on the kids last night and they woke up WITHOUT PIMPLES (no guarantees that this will work for you, I’ve heard many people dilute it before they put it on the pimples as it can burn directly on the skin)! I’ve heard this is great diluted as a nightly toner too. I read the reviews… apparently you can drink it for help with digestion and weight loss (I’m drinking it in my water as I type) and it helps keep you healthy.

I was so blown away by the results today I had to share. Check out what Alicia’s Deals reader Carrie said on the facebook page…”We used it on mosquito bites and to clear up our dogs ear infection. Literally works for everything I think!”

If you have a dog, you won’t want to miss this life changer I shared last week. Sunny is a whole new pet now (and so well behaved)! 

I hope these things work as well for you as they have for me!