Happy Green Monday! If you get e-mails from Kohl’s, check your inbox for a 40%, 30%, or 20% off coupon code. You don’t need to have a Kohl’s charge to use this coupon and you can use it along with the 15% off code HOME15.


Keep in mind that if you’re a Kohl’s cardholder you can head over here to get 30% off with code JOY30 (Kohl’s cardholders only). You can also get free shipping with code DECFREEMVC and 15% off home products with code HOME15.


If you have a Kohl’s charge, head over here and use codes JOY30 (30% off with card), HOME15 (15% off with home), and DECFREEMVC to get a Ninja coffee bar down to $59.49 shipped, plus earn Kohl’s cash! If you got the lucky 40% off code, use that instead of JOY30 to get the price even lower.