It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time once again for my favorite deals at the grocery stores this Father’s Day week! Prices are good through June 18th (except at Sprouts where prices are good through June 19th).

Head over here to load a new facebook coupon for $2 off your $40 purchase onto your Fry’s VIP card  2(this works on a desktop or laptop computer).

Be sure to print off all of the June coupons before they’re gone! Current (as I’m typing this) coupons include: $1 off Colgate toothpaste, $1 off Dreyers ice cream, $1 off Listerine, $.75 off Clorox wipes, and more!

My Favorite Deals:


Albertsons/Safeway (they have one joint ad now):

USDA Choice beef New York, T-bone, or Ribeye steaks: $5.97/lb.

Boneless skinless chicken breasts: $1.47/lb.

Post cereals: $1.67/each when you buy 3

Load coupons to your Just 4 U card and get deals like $.03 dozen Lucerne AA eggs, $1.99 Dreyers, Haagen Dazs, or Nestle Novelties, $1.49 Jif Peanut Butter, $1.99 Heinz Ketchup or French’s Mustard, and more!



Fresh ground round: $2.47/lb.

Strawberries: $.87/16 oz. container

USDA Choice T-bone steak: $4.97/lb.

On Saturday you can stop in from 10AM-2 PM to decorate a colossal 8 inch donut for Dad for $3 or a single layer cake for $5!



Large cantaloupes or whole pineapples: $.87/each

Red tomatoes on the vine: $.87/lb.

Boneless Ribeye steaks: $5.97/lb.

Pork back ribs: $1.99/lb.

California Pizza Kitchen or DiGiornos Pizza: $3.99/each

The Mix & Match Sale is Going on NOW! Buy 5 or more items and enjoy deals like:

Dreyer’s Ice Cream: $1.99/container

Sargento Shredded Cheese: $1.99

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers: $.99/bag

32 pack of Fry’s water: $1.99

Simple Truth popcorn or tortilla chips: $.99/bag

Almond Breeze almond milk: $1.99/64 oz. container



Strawberries or blueberries: $.98/container

Italian or yellow squash: $.88/lb.

Roma or vine red tomatoes: $.88/lb.

Apricots: $.98/lb.

Top sirloin fillets: $5.99/lb.