Head over here to score 50% off a starter kit from Truman’s! This is cleaning that is SO much better for the earth (and the products are wonderful). I have been LOVING the products and the bottles are actually pretty nice looking (who knew that was a thing with cleaning supplies?)! You’ll pay $7.50 shipped if you want auto refills or $10 if you want to try it and not be locked into any other purchases (that’s what I did).

Check out their story:

“We started Truman’s because, while we’re somewhat obsessed with cleaning, we’re totally obsessed with reducing waste and clutter. Nowhere could we have a bigger impact than in the overcrowded world of home cleaning products, where so many specialized cleaners in plastic bottles clamor for our dollars with “fresh new scents” and trendy colors. Nobody needs a gazillion cleaning products with harsh chemicals cluttering their cabinets, and our planet certainly doesn’t need the plastic empties. That’s why we offer just 4 cleaners with refill cartridges — all non-toxic — that safely and effectively clean virtually all of your home’s hard surfaces. It’s a concept so novel that Fast Company has honored Truman’s as a World Changing Idea.

So that’s Truman’s. Cleaning glass and taking names.”

Check out the products:


There’s no use crying over spilled milk. Unless you were thirsty. Then cry.

The perfect combination of brains and brawn, I’m tough on grease but gentle on your surfaces. And just as my name implies, spray me on whatever you want in the kitchen. Except food. I’m non-toxic, but I’m also non-tasty. If you spray me on a food-bearing surface, be sure to rinse it before eating. (Our lawyers made us say that.)

If you’re dealing with a really nasty spill or grease buildup, let me sit there a little longer. Really, I don’t mind the wait. Whether you have fancy-schmancy marble countertops or a grill that hasn’t been scraped since the Cowboys’ last Super Bowl, I’m your cleaner. Now smother me with that wash rag and let’s do this.


Floors so clean you SHOULD eat off them. 

I care deeply for the surface you touch the most — the floor. Ordinary cleaners can leave streaks or strip the finish off your floors. I won’t strip or streak in your home. You’re welcome.

My pH-neutral composition makes me the Switzerland of cleaning products and protects the integrity of your surfaces. And did I mention I’m completely non-toxic? Your dog, or your child, or your dog and your child, can roll around in puddles of me without harm. (Though that’d be weird, so it’s probably best if they don’t.)

Just spray me 6 to 8 inches from your target area, then spread my goodness around with a mop or dry cloth. Watch your floors sparkle like the 4th of July, courtesy of Floors Truly.


Maybe we should wait 30 or 45 minutes before we go in there.

Look, nobody likes cleaning a bathroom. I get it. Unspeakable things happen behind closed doors.

But take a deep breath (before entering), because we got this. I’m as non-toxic as your kitchen cleaner but specially formulated to tackle problems unique to bathrooms. I don’t just clean bathroom surfaces with soap scum, mineral deposits and water spots, I freaking emulsify them.

While your stuff don’t stink, most does. That’s why I deodorize while I clean. I’m basically the Justin Timberlake of bathroom cleaning. I can sing and dance, OK?

And once I’ve done my job, you can go back to reading the paper. Wait, nobody does that anymore? Chalk it up to another pastime ruined by the iPhone.


The days of streaking are over. But skinny-dipping is still OK.

Hey good lookin’. Why don’t you spritz a little bit of me on the mirror and brush your teeth with a view? Yeah, that’s better.

When you’re done checking yourself out, take me to the windows and…televisions? That’s right, I’m safe for use on TV screens and computer monitors, even cell phones and tablets. Just spray me onto a cloth first and then wipe gently. Fun fact: your phone is probably dirtier than your toilet. Swipe left for E. coli.

I’m ammonia free, streak free, toxin free, pretty much…free. Well, not totally. You still have to pay for me. “

We should all be as ecologically friendly as possible, and these products are a small way to help (plus I’m really excited about them)!