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A New Year’s Resolution for many of us is to save money. Good Morning Arizona producer Ali found a fantastic article from Better Homes and Gardens: 11 Easy Ways to Save More Each Month Without Feeling Deprived. You can head over here to check out the entire article, I wanted to focus on my top four (and add in the easiest tip ever that can save you big bucks).


Streamline your errands! Gas is expensive and if you can pack your errands into one day a week you can save big bucks. If you plan ahead you can pick up your dry cleaning, go the post office,  go to the pharmacy, take back that shirt that didn’t fit, and go to the grocery store all in one trip. You’ll save gas and you’ll be amazed at how much time you save!

PAY ATTENTION to gas prices at stations near you! Right by the station there’s a perfect example of this. The Chevron station on 7th Avenue and Bethany Home Road is $3.14 a gallon for regular unleaded gas and the Circle K station literally  across the street is $2.94 a gallon for regular  unleaded gas. If you have a 20 gallon tank, you’d save $4 just by crossing the street to the cheaper station! If you have a Costco card, you can save even more! The Costco at 15th Avenue and Bethany Home road has regular unleaded gas for $2.79 a gallon. If you went to Costco instead of Chevron, you’d save $7 on ONE 20 gallon fill up! I love the website gasbuddy.com, you can use it to find the very cheapest gas near you!

Make your meals based on DEALS! The grocery stores send their ads each week in the newspaper and most often in your mailbox, and if you pay attention to what’s on sale you’ll save money and eat what’s in season (the food will most likely be fresher)! To make life even easier, I do a “best deals at the grocery stores” post each week at dealsinaz.com. Keep in mind that at Sprouts, you can save on two weeks worth of ads every Wednesday!


Go line by line through auto payments! Be honest to yourself, do you really need Netflix and Hulu and Prime Video and Disney +? Maybe decide to get one a month (the beauty of these services is that it’s really easy to cancel). Prime Video is included with Amazon Prime and offers excellent original content!

One of the BEST things we did in our home was cut the cable cord and get a great antenna! You can head over here to pick one up for $34.96, usually $39.99. It gets great reviews and you’ll be able to pick up 3TV in HD FOR FREE!

Visit the library! You can request books you want to read online at most libraries, if you’re a reader and use this service you’ll save a ton! Many libraries even offer drive thrus! They also have movies and culture passes which are FREE admissions to local museums you can check out. The library is a FANTASTIC place, we should all use it more often.