Check Out Saveup! It Rewards You for Saving and Paying Down Debt!

Click here to check out Saveup, a program I’m excited about! You’ll get rewarded for saving and paying down debt. Check out the details:

“A new kind of rewards program

Unlike other rewards programs that require you to spend large sums of money to earn points, or lock you in to specific financial products with annual fees, SaveUp is a free rewards program that connects to your existing accounts. SaveUp rewards you for increasing your savings and reducing your debt in almost any bank in the US.

100% free to use

Most reward programs charge hidden fees or require annual payments. SaveUp has collaborated with prize sponsors and bank partners to ensure that no costs are transferred to its users. Membership is completely free and we will never ask you to pay.

Here to help

We want our users to succeed financially, so in addition to the rewards we provide we also attempt to give advice that may be relevant to your financial situation. Whether it’s an educational video or an offer to sign up for an account with a better rate, we will always do our best to make sure the information we present is in your best interest.”

I can’t wait to get started! We should all be living life better for LESS with less debt and more financial freedom! Love it!

Alicia :-)

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