New Year’s Resolution Deal…Save $200 off a Will!

It’s time for another New Year’s Resolution deal! We all know that we need a will, but sometimes finding the time (and money) to get it done is tough! This has been on my husband’s and my to-do list for over a decade but somehow it keeps getting put off. I was talking to Christina Scott (an Alicia’s Deals in AZ reader and attorney) about how many people mean to do it like me but never get it done. She’s excited to offer an exclusive for other Alicia’s Deals in AZ readers who might need a will too. She will draft an individual will for $300 (a $200 savings) or a family will for $600 (a $200 savings). Just contact Scott Law Offices at (623) 748-3338. You can also check out their website ( and/or “like” their facebook page, (

As you know, I love to save money, so I asked her why we should go with an attorney vs. one of the do-it-yourself sites we all see commercials for.

Here’s what she said:

“Hiring an attorney to write your will can help to ensure that your property is given to the person of your choosing and that you are the one to decide who will care for your children.  When a person dies without a valid Will, State law controls the division of a person’s assets and determines who receives the property.  In addition, the Court would decide the guardianship of the children.  Having a valid Will ensures that the deceased’s wishes are heard.

Do-it-yourself Will packets and online document forms are available for less than you might pay for any attorney, but you get what you pay for and the result could cost your family in the future.

Do-it-yourself Will forms do not allow for individual customization.  A lawyer is able to customize the documents to fit your needs and to explore other documents you may need, such as powers of attorney and healthcare directives.  An attorney can draft a Will giving consideration to your individual needs and goals.  In addition, without attorney supervision, your documents may not be executed properly or may not conform to the laws of the State.  If the Will is not legally valid, it is as if the Will does not exist.

When planning for the future of your family hire an attorney so you can be sure that your Will is customized to your situation, meets your goals and is valid.”

Fine print on the deal: “This would include one free consultation for the Will(s).  This does not include trust preparation, preparation of power of attorney or health care directives, or any representation beyond the drafting of the Last Will and Testament (referred to here as the “Will”).  Powers of attorney and healthcare directive preparation services are available at an additional cost.”
Whoever you use to draft your will, I hope that all Alicia’s Deals in AZ readers get it done! Hopefully I won’t be talking about how I still need to do this next year!  $200 is a nice savings. 🙂
Thanks Christina!

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