Have You Made Your 3D, 2 Changing Image Valentine for $.99 Shipped Yet (Save $5.50 PER CARD)?!

I must say I am having SO MUCH FUN with the Snapily deal! You can still click here to make your very own two-image Valentine for $.99 with promo code val99. The card above is one card that changes as you move it. It’s usually $3.99 PLUS $2.50 for shipping, so $.99 is a DEAL at $5.50 off!

Check out my order total! You can make one $.99 Valentine per order (but I made like seven orders, all shipped to different places). You can use the code val99 once through January 28th. (It used to be as many times as you want and they just changed it.  Bummer!)

Here’s another changing card I made for my husband. They actually show you a little movie of what your card will look like as it’s changing. SO COOL! There are lots of different designs to choose from.

Enjoy!!! I can’t wait to see the Valentines in person!

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