Reminder: Last Day to Make Your 3D Valentines for $.99 SHIPPED ($5.50 Savings)!

I just wanted to remind you that today is the last deal to take advantage of the Snapily deal! You can still click here to make your very own two-image Valentine for $.99 with promo code val99. The card above is one card that changes as you move it. It’s usually $3.99 PLUS $2.50 for shipping, so $.99 is a DEAL at $5.50 off!

Check out my order total! You can make one $.99 Valentine per order (but I made like seven orders, all shipped to different places). You can use the code val99 once through January 28th. I just made two more cards with separate orders and it let me use the code again!

Here’s another changing card I made for my husband. They actually show you a little movie of what your card will look like as it’s changing. SO COOL! There are lots of different designs to choose from.

Enjoy!!! I can’t wait to see the Valentines in person!

signature.png (131×86)

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