Nano Pure is in Stock at Amazon! Get 8 for $27.99…It’s a Next Generation Hand Sanitizer!

If you’re like me and almost out of hand sanitizer, head over here to check out Nano Pure. While supplies last you can get two bottles on Amazon for $12.99 or eight for $27.99. I’ve bought this before and the kids and I liked it. I figure it’s better than nothing (I hope)!

  • “GOODBYE GERMS: Kills 99.99% of illness-causing germs.
  • LONG-LASTING GERM BARRIER: Nano Pure’s patent-protected formula forms a molecular bond that stays active on the surface of your skin for lasting antimicrobial protection
  • PROTECTIVE HAND SANITIZER: Proactive protection is more essential now than ever before. For maximum protection, we suggest continuing to follow the CDC prevention guidelines, applying Nano Pure as a supplement for residual protection
  • AVOID DRY, IRRITATED SKIN: Nano Pure moisturizes while it protects, avoiding discomfort experienced when using harsh traditional products.
  • SAFE TO USE: Pack of 8 non-flammable, water-based, with a clean scent and safe for use by everyone. Great for home, work, school, and any other place where germs can be found.”

Note: this is not alcohol based so I use it after I wash my hands really well to get a barrier. I love that it provides some protection for a long time (good for peace of mind as we continue to wash our hands all the time throughout the day).


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