Score Everpro Gray Away for $8.99 on Amazon…It Worked WONDERS on My Roots (Thanks to All of the Alicia’s Deals Readers Who Sent Recommendations)!

I’m officially 40 and there’s no denying I have lots of gray hair. Since there’s no telling when we’ll be able to go back to the salon (I miss you Christy Crouch), I had to take measures into my own hands. I asked on the Alicia’s Deals facebook page for recommendations and got TONS…thank you all so much!

I went with the Everpro Gray Away, you can head over here to pick it up on Amazon for $8.99 or stop by Walmart. I thought I’d share in case anyone else is getting desperate. Head over here to see all of the colors they offer.

My daughter Kaitlyn just took a picture, it turned out better than it was before!

If you need a hair stylist when we can finally go back, I can’t recommend Christy and her Peaceful-Gypsy Salon highly enough! She’s located at 19th Avenue and Deer Valley, head over here to “like” her on facebook and get her information!

Thank you again to everyone who sent suggestions!


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