Score $.37 Listerine from Amazon After Visa Gift Card Rebate!

This is AWESOME! Right now we can all head over here to check out the Listerine rebate going on through Fandango Live. Basically if you buy Listerine (or any of the products you see here), you can submit a picture of the receipt and get a $5 Visa gift card (they don’t specify the amount but that’s what I got and I haven’t heard stories of others getting anything different). You can submit up to three rebates per household (only one bottle per receipt).

You could head over here and get a liter bottle of Cool Mint Listerine for $5.37 on Amazon (remember they can raise prices at any moment). I did this yesterday, submitted a picture of my invoice, and already got my gift card today (see below). I waited to share this deal to make sure it actually works!

I took the $5 Visa gift card and added it to my Amazon gift card balance.

Now I’m going to buy another one and use the gift card I just got.

Note: You can submit three times but they must be in three separate orders.

UPDATE: I got all three of my $5 gift cards!

Thanks Hip2Save!



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