Get a FREE Bud from Budweiser (Came in the Form of a $2 Debit Card for Me)!

Budweiser has decided not to do Super Bowl ads this year and is instead spending the money to share Buds with all. They just sent me a $2 debit card. If you’d like one too (and you’re over 21), head over here to login or register (they’ll e-mail you a verification code) then head over here and scroll down to get your Beer on Bud virtual prepaid card (as shown below…they’ll ask for your address and mobile number).

My card took about a week to show up in my inbox and it said the value was $0.00 but then when I clicked on it there was $2. An easy way to use your $2 debit card is to head over here to reload your Amazon gift card balance with $2 and pay with the debit card…you’ll have $2 off your next order!

Two bucks is two bucks (fingers crossed this works for you too)!

Thanks Free Stuff Times!

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