Love This! Score 30% off the KATCHY Indoor Insect and Flying Bug Trap! This Thing Will Get Fruit Flies and Mosquitos!

If fruit flies and/or mosquitos are driving you batty, today only (4/5) you can head over here to score a KATCHY indoor insect and flying bug trap for 30% off. You’ll pay $27.85 instead of the normal price of $39.79 (remember Amazon can raise prices at any time)!

Check out the details:

  • “Our stylish fruit fly and mosquito trap exterminates nuisances by luring in and zapping even the tiniest of gnats
  • Wave goodbye to ugly traps & say hello to a subtle indoor insect killer that instantly embellishes your kitchen or office
  • Activate the machine around insect-ridden fruits and let it lure in the bothersome pests with its powerful violet light
  • Our Katchy system uses a black light, downward facing fan and a fixative glue trap to attract fruit flies; Choose between standard or low speed setting
  • After you turn the Katchy mosquito trap off, the trapped gnats will be confined to the glue board and won’t be able to escape, leaving your house gnat-free. EPA Est. Numb.:93372-CHN-1.”

Check out the reviews (and the pictures of what this thing catches)!


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