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I love to help people live better for less! You can save money on just about anything. This blog is dedicated to finding the very best deals in Arizona and sharing them with you every day.

One of the ways you can save a lot of money without changing your life at all is by finding prescription drug discounts. Many pharmaceutical companies offer savings cards you can print out right on their websites. Here are a few of the drugs you can save on:

Nasonex (allergies) Save $15 per month ($180/year)
Yaz, Yasmin, Natazia Savings Card (birth control)
Pay no more than $5 the first month, $25 each month after (save up to $775/year)
Nexium (heartburn, GERD)
Up to $50 off/month ($600 a year)
Lipitor (cholesterol lowering drug)
Save up to $180/year
Singulair (asthma)
$20 off prescription
Vyvanse (ADHD)
$50 off ($50 off)
Advair (Asthma)
$10 off/month

Don’t see your medication on this list? Google the name of it along with “coupon” or “discount”. You might be pleasantly surprised at how much money you save!

Restaurants are offering a lot of great deals to fill up their tables.
One of my favorite sites is Local Dines,
They offer gift certificates for a lot of different restaurants at half price. Some of my favorites are:
Calistro California Bistro, North Scottsdale, $50 gift certificate for $25
Donovans Steakhouse, Camelback Corridor, $80 gift certificate for $40
Macayo’s Mexican Restaurant, $30 gift certificate for $15
If you’d rather print out discounts to bring along with you than pre-purchase gift certificates, a great site to visit is Some examples of deals are:
The Good Egg, Buy One Get One Free, Locations throughout the valley
Dos Gringos, Buy One Get One Free, Locations in Scottsdale, Tempe, and Mesa
Another great way to save money when you take the family out to eat is to find out when and where kids eat free. The restaurants really try to make it fun for the kids and you can save some cash!
Kids Eat Free deals:
Arribas- All day Sunday
Chick Fil A- Tuesday evenings (Most locations)
Dilly’s Deli- Saturday and Sunday
Many, many, many more! Check with your favorite restaurant to see if they offer kids eat free!
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