Free Money for Kids From ING Direct…Great Black Friday Save Til You Drop Sale!

I have been meaning to open bank accounts for my kids for a long time. It’s so important to teach saving and interest early. If you have an ING account (or even if you don’t), today is the day to open an account for your child. For this savings event, they’ll put $25 in any new child’s account with any size deposit. I deposited $5.00 in each account, and it could have been less than that. They’re also offering other great Black Friday deals. Go to to get more information. This deal saved us $50, if you have 4 kids it will save you $100! ING has a much higher interest rate than the traditional banks so your kids will see their money grow faster. This is one deal I think you’ll definitely want to share with your friends. Expires Sunday night.

-Alicia 🙂

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