The Best Deals at the Grocery Store This Week…Stock Up for New Years!

Some prices are only good through New Years, so check carefully! 🙂


Boneless, skinless chicken breasts: $1.77/lb.
Pork loin roast: $1.77 lb.
Atlantic salmon fillet: $5.99/lb.
Blueberries or blackberries: $.99/6 oz. container
Lean Cuisine Entrees: 3 or $5
Yoplait yogurt: $.38 each when you buy 10
Ribeye steaks: $4.77/lb.
Coke 12-packs: 3 for $9.88 when you buy 3
Budweiser, Tecate, Coors or Miller 12-pack bottles or cans: $11.99
Shrimp ring 10 oz: Buy 1 ($9.99) get 2 free


New Years Sale Good through 1/1:
Hass Avocados: 5 for $1 (Love this deal!)
T-Bone steak: $3.77/lb.
Ground chuck: $1.77/lb.
Lay’s potato chips: $1.77/bag
Corona, Heineken, Amstel Light, Samuel Adams, NewCastle, or Blue Moon Beer: $10.99/12-pack bottles
Freixenet, Korbe, or Martini & Rossi Asti champagne: $7.99/bottle
Moet & Chandon champagne: $31.99/bottle

Good all week:
Boneless pork loin: $1.77/lb.
Bashas’ milk: $.79/ half gallon
Tilapia fillets: $3.99/lb.
Dole whole pineapple: $.88/each
Bashas drinking water: $2.59/24 pack
Kellogg’s Special K Cereal, Fruit Bars, or Crackers: $1.99 (start that diet for the New Year!)

Fresh & Easy:

**These prices are only good through 12/31
A new $10 off $50 coupon to Fresh & Easy is available here. So sad you can’t use it at Fry’s anymore!

Frozen appetizers: 33% off!
Boneless beef new york steak: $4.99/lb.
Cooked X-large shrimp: $6.99/lb.
Cuties California Clementines: $1.99/3 lb. bag
Specialty cheese: Buy 3 or more, save 25%
Mini Maryland-style crab cakes: $6.99
Hummus or dip: 2 for $3 when you buy multiples of 2
Beef sliders: 2 for $5
Napa family vineyards wine: 30% off


New Years Sale: Good through December 31st:

Doritos: $1.88
Nabisco snack crackers: $1.88
Kroger sour cream or dip: 10 for $10
EatSmart party trays: Starting at $5.99
Red king crab legs: $14.99/lb.
Large cooked shrimp: $5.99/lb.

Good all week:

Boneless, skinless chicken breast: $1.77/lb.
Sweet Chilean blueberries: $1/6 oz. container
Capri-Sun: $1.69
Lean Cuisine Entrees: 7 for $10 when you buy 7
Yoplait yogurt: $.44
Dole premium classic salads: $1
Nature’s Bounty vitamins or supplements: Buy 1 get 1 free
Kroger brand analgesics, cold and flu, or sinus/allergy: 25% off
Aleve pain reliever: $1.99


**These prices are good through 1/1
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93% lean ground beef: $1.99/lb.
Rancher’s Reserve boneless beef bottom round roast: $1.99/lb.
Pepsi 12-packs: Buy 2 get 2 free plus get free Doritos
Jumbo raw shrimp: $5.99/lb.
Large cooked shrimp: $5.99/lb.
Lobster tails: $6.99/lb.
Colossal raw wild shrimp: $8.99/lb.
Colossal sea scallops: $9.99/lb.
Florida’s Natural orange juice: $1.99
Dreyer’s ice cream: $2.28
Oroweat English muffins or bagels: Buy 1 get 1 free
All wines above $20: 30% off
Artisan party bistro cake: $5 (good Friday and Saturday only)
Signature Cafe pizza: $5 (good Friday and Saturday only)
Tony Roma’s baby back ribs: (good Friday and Saturday only)

Hope you save big and Happy New Year!

-Alicia 🙂

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