New Year, New Insurance Deductible…Save Hundreds at the Pharmacy With These Tips!

It’s a new year and that means new insurance deductibles. If you use prescription drugs, please remember to check the drug manufacturer’s website to see what discount coupons they offer. There are no income restrictions, and you can save hundreds of dollars a year! This is a great way to live life better for less. Here are a few examples of what you could be saving:

Nasonex (allergies) Save $15 per month ($180/year)

Yaz, Yasmin, Natazia Savings Card (birth control)
Pay no more than $5 the first month, $25 each month after (save up to $775/year)

Nexium (heartburn, GERD)
Up to $50 off/month ($600 a year)

Lipitor (cholesterol lowering drug)
Save up to $600/year

Singulair (asthma)
$20 off prescription

Vyvanse (ADHD) 
Free 30 day trial 

Advair (Asthma)
$10 off/month

Don’t see your medication on this list? Google the name of it along with “coupon” or “discount”. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much money you save!

To see my prescription drugs segment that aired on Good Morning Arizona last fall, click here.

 Alicia :-)

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