Albertsons Deals of the Week (2/9-2/15)

Monopoly is back at Albertsons! Might make the shopping trip a bit more fun…in all they’re giving away $22,000,000 in prizes, free product, and money saving offers.

My favorite deals this week:

Strawberries: $1.77/1 lb. container

Yoplait yogurt: $.40/ea. when you buy 10

Albertsons milk: $1.67/gallon

Snow crab clusters: $6.99/lb.

Cold water lobster tails: $6.99/ea.

Ragu pasta sauce: $.99

Breyers, Klondike, Ben and Jerry’s, or Starbucks ice cream: 2 for $5 (various sizes)

Purex ultra liquid detergent: $1.99

Chocolate-dipped strawberries: $6.99/6-pack

Fresh 93% lean ground beef: $2.99/lb.

Entire line of Valentine Boxed cards: 50% off

Crystal Geyser water: $2.99/24 pack

Click here to see the entire Albertsons ad!

Alicia :-)


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