Half Priced Childsplay Tickets!

Click here to get tickets to the Childsplay production of The Borrowers for $9, usually $18! The tickets are good for the 4 PM Saturday or Sunday shows April 30-May 22.

A description of the show from Childsplay:

The Clock family, possibly the last of the Borrowers, live under the floorboards, and survive by “borrowing” what they need from the “human beans” who live above them. Driven by loneliness and curiosity, young Arrietty ventures upstairs looking for a friend, and discovers a whole new world filled with wonder and fraught with danger. This enchanting production is directed by Childsplay’s own renaissance man, Dwayne Hartford, who directed the previous Childsplay hits Miss Nelson is Missing, Seussical, Honus and Me, and Busytown.

If you’ve never taken your kids to see a Childsplay performance, it really is a fun experience. They recommend ages 7 and up for this show. All performances take place at the Tempe Center for the Arts.

Alicia :-)

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