51% Off North Pole Experience Tickets in Greer and 52% Off Your Lodging at the Greer Resort!

I am so excited about this deal! Click here to get 51% off tickets to the North Pole Experience in Greer. This magical experience will take your family through Santa’s toy-building workshop. Kids tickets are $24 (usually $49), Adults tickets are $27 (usually $55).

Click here to get 52% off your lodging at the Greer lodge resort! The log motel room for a group of 4 will run you $159, usually $331. 

If you get both deals, you’ll already have your winter trip booked, and you’ll save over half! We’ve done the Polar Express four times now (which we love) but I think we’re ready for something new. Over 50% off is definitely a motivator! The way I’m calculating it, my entire family can do this trip with lodging for $261. If I were to book without the deals, we would pay $539. Love the $278 savings!

Go to http://www.northpoleexperience.com/# for a full description of the experience.


Alicia :-)

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