20 Hours of Drop-in Childcare at Maui Playcare for $25!!! New Members Only, the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift!

I love this deal! Click here to get 20 hours of drop-in childcare for $25 from the deal site Juice in the City (usually $219…new clients only).

Maui Playcare, located on Pima and Legacy right off the 101 in Scottsdale, is a place my whole family loves. The fact that no appointment is needed has made going to the dentist, doctor, hair-stylist, even getting a pedicure so much easier. They’re open late on Friday and Saturday nights, so you can go on a date and know your kids are having a great time.

They have a bounce house, rock climbing wall, dress-up area, movies, and much more. Kaitlyn loves having her nails done there and she and Trey always like to have their faces painted.

The staff is so nice and they know our names as soon as we walk in the door. Nine times out of ten the kids see a friend they know, or make a new friend while they’re there!

Another great perk of this place is that they charge by the minute, which means if you just need 45 minutes for your teeth cleaning, you pay for 45 minutes of childcare (not a full hour).

I can’t recommend Maui Playcare highly enough.  I personally use it often, and this deal can’t be beat. Where else will you get 20 hours of high-quality child care for $1.25 an hour?! A win-win for you and your child.

If you already use Maui Playcare, this would make such a wonderful gift for a friend.


Alicia :-)

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