Great Grocery Store Sales 7/6-7/12!

I love all of the great deals on fresh summer produce this week. Don’t forget to click here to bring along your printable coupons…they’re worth at least $1 at many of the stores! Click here to download coupons directly onto your Fry’s VIP card! No clipping! Seniors 55 and better get 10% off at a few stores Wednesday. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a new fresh & easy coupon that you can use at Fry’s. Please let me know if you see one!


Seniors get 10% off on Wednesday, July 6th!

10% off all the frozen food you can fit in a bag!

Half gallon Albertsons milk: $.88

Strawberries: $3.98/4 lb. container

32 oz. Bowl of fresh, seedless cut watermelon: $2.99

Sanderson Farms tray pack chicken: BOGO free

Budweiser, Michelob Ultra, Miller, Coors, Modelo, or Tecate: $11.99/18 pack

The mix and match sale is back: Buy 8 participating items, save $4


Wednesday, 7/6 all seniors over 55 get 10% off their purchases! All manufacturer’s coupons are worth at least $1!

Fresh ground chuck: $1.89/lb.

Mix and match meat sale: 5 marked items for $19.99 (see store for details)

New York strip steak: $3.99/lb.

Sanderson Farms whole chicken: BOGO Free

California strawberries: $.75/one pound container

California blueberries: 2/$3 large 12 oz. containers

Fresh mangos: $.33/each

Fresh cucumbers: $.33/each

Fresh asparagus: $1.97/lb.

Yellow onions: $.49/lb.

Whole seedless watermelons: $3.99

fresh & easy:

Frozen Eatwell or Goodness for Kids meals: 4 for $6

Kellogg’s Cereal: BOGO Free Select Varieties

fresh & easy apple juice: 2 for $3 when you buy 2 (64 oz. containers)

Organic almond milk: $2.99/half gallon

Starbucks Via coffee: $6.99 (buy two, get a free case of fresh & easy water)

Dreyer’s ice cream: $2.99


Don’t forget that Fry’s will accept competitor’s coupons and all manufacturer’s coupons are worth at least $1! Click hereto download coupons directly onto your Fry’s VIP card…it’s so easy! Seniors 55 and older save 10% on Wednesday, July 6th!

Fry’s milk: $.75/half gallon

Organic milk: $2.79/half gallon

Kraft or Sargento cheese: $1.99/5-8 oz.

Foster Farms split chicken breasts: $.88/lb.

Yellow peaches: $.47/lb.

Tomatoes on the vine: $.77/lb.

Broccoli or cauliflower: $.77/lb.

Anjou pears: $.77/lb.

Banana Boat or Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen: BOGO Free

California Pizza Kitchen Frozen Pizza: $4.99

Alaska fresh sockeye salmon fillets: $6.79/lb.

Mi Ranchito tortilla chips: $.99


Fresh ground beef: $1.99/lb.

Whole boneless pork loin: $1.99/lb.

Rancher’s Reserve top sirloin steak: $2.99/lb.

Rancher’s Reserve beef bottom round roast: 50% off

20% off multi-pack water packages

Strawberries: $.96/1 lb. container

White or yellow peaches: $.96/lb.

Walla Walla sweet yellow onions: $.88/lb.

Red bell peppers (great on the grill): $.88/each

Buy $100 in Visa gift cards, get $10 off your next grocery purchase

Buy 2 jars of Ragu pasta sauce for $3, get a free box of Safeway dry pasta

Mr. Clean cleaners or scotch-brite sponges: BOGO free


Red sweet cherries: $1.88/lb.

Whole seedless watermelon: 4 lbs./$1

Cluster tomatoes: $.99/lb.

White or yellow onions: $.49/lb.

Organic cantaloupe or honeydew: $.88/lb.

Organic red delicious apples: $.99/lb.

All-natural chicken tenders: $1.88/lb.

Fresh mozzarella: 2 for $6 ( 8 oz.)

Hope this list helps you save this week!

Alicia :-)

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