AZ Grocery Store Deals for the Week of August 10th-16th!

Click here to get to and you’ll save huge on cereal, granola bars, Aleve, Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls, Listerine, vitamins, Yoplait yogurt,  Bisquick, fruit snacks, kleenex, sunscreen, deodorant, paper,  and much more. Remember, EVERY coupon will be worth at least $1 at Fry’s, Safeway, and Bashas’ (and some are worth $2 or $3 EACH). The savings add up so fast!

Click here to upload coupons directly onto your Fry’s VIP card with Cellfire.

Click here to upload coupons from Savings Star directly onto your Albertsons, CVS, Bashas, and Fry’s cards! There is no clipping required, the savings come off automatically with your card!

My favorite deals of the week (some people like to take this list to Walmart since they price match every store’s ads):


They’re bringing back one of my favorite deals! Wear your Cardinal’s jersey on Sunday during NFL Football season and get 10% off your ENTIRE grocery purchase!!!

Red seedless grapes: $.76/lb.

Albertsons large eggs: $.99/dozen

Sanderson Farms tray pack chicken: BOGO Free

Albertsons block cheese: 3 for $5

Pepsi 12-packs: 4 for $10 when you buy 4

General Mills cereal: $1.99

Totino’s pizza rolls: $.99/each


All manufacturer’s coupons are worth at least $1! Print some off from!

Whole large sweet cantaloupe: $.68/each

California Bartlett pears: $.97/lb.

Roma tomatoes: $.88/lb.

Fresh cucumbers: 2 for $1

Bashas’ milk: $1.79/gallon

Sanderson Farms split chicken breasts, drumsticks, thighs, or leg quarters $.88/lb.

New York steak: $4.77/lb.

Circle of Savings: Buy 10 participating items, save $5 instantly (prices below include $.50 discount)

Kellogg’s Nutri-grain bars, fruit snacks, Keebler cookies or Cheese-It crackers: $1.99/each

Kellogg’s cereal or Rick Krispies treats: $1.49/each

Kellogg’s Fiber Plus meal bars, Keelber Chips Deluxe, or Mother’s Cookies: $1.99/each

fresh & easy:

The ad has a $10 off $50 or more coupon in it! I got mine in the mail, it should also be in The Arizona Republic.

Tequila orange chicken breasts, Adobo beef steaks, garlic herb chicken breasts, or Southwestern boneless skinless chicken thighs: 2 for $10 when you buy 2

White nectarines: $3.99/4 lbs.

Organic strawberries: $2.99/lb.

General Mills kids cereals: 2 for $4 when you buy multiples of 2

Honest Kids Super Fruit punch or Berry Lemonade: $3.99/8 ct.


ALL Manufacturer’s coupons are worth at least $1 (even coupons that say “do not double”). Go to  to print out the things on your list!

Fry’s milk: $.79/half gallon

Roma tomatoes: $.77/lb.

Olathe sweet corn: 5 for $2

Bartlett Pears or Australian Naval Oranges: $.88/lb.

Kroger boneless, skinless chicken breasts: $1.67/lb.

Colgate toothpaste: $.88

Crayola markers or Sharpie 2-packs: $1.00

Top Flight composition book: $.50

Pentel pens: $1.99

Top Flight notebooks: $.15

3-day Sale: Prices good August 12th, 13th, and 14th:

Gatorade or G2: $.49 (limit 12)

Kroger Cheese: 4 for $5 (limit 4)

Farmer John bacon: $1.97 (limit 2)

Broccoli: $.77/lb.

Corona or Heineken: $9.88/12 pack


All manufacturer’s coupons are worth at least $1 everyday! Go to to save!

Platinum White sweet corn: 5 for $1 (exclusively at Safeway)

Sweet yellow peaches: $.68/lb.

Roma tomatoes: $.77/lb.

New Mexico Hatch chile peppers: 2 lbs. for $1

Coke 12-packs: Buy 2 get 2 free

Rancher’s Reserve beef back ribs: $1.29/lb.

Alaskan Cod or Swai fillets: $3.99/lb.

Sandwich meal deal: $5 (they have great sandwiches!)

Grab an ad for a $5 off your $15 frozen food purchase!


Don’t forget that Wednesday is double ad day. Enjoy the savings from last week and this week!

Sweet white corn: 10 for $2

Red or green bell peppers: 3 for $1

Large cantaloupe: $.88/each

Red, white, or yellow onions: 2 lbs./$1

All bulk cheese is 30% off!

Organic cantaloupe: $.59/lb.

Organic kiwi: $1.99/one pound bag

Organic celery: $.99

Organic green or red seedless grapes: 2 lbs. for $5

Have a great week!

Alicia :-)

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