Check Out These Freebies that Showed Up in the Mail!

I was opening up the mail tonight and decided to show you some of the freebies that arrived (to prove that they really do come)!

We received:

A cute bottle of Burberry Body (will last awhile)

A little bottle of Suave Professionals dry shampoo (this stuff is really neat)

A little bottle of Suave Men body wash

A 2-oz. bottle of Suave Naturals sweet pea and violet body lotion

A 2-oz. bottle of Clean and Clear Splash body wash

3 packets of Trilipiderm body moisture retention creme

2 packets of L’Occitane Fluide Radieux protective lotion SPF 15

Fekkai Glossing Creme

Packet of Philosophy Miracle Worker Eye Cream

Packets of Aveeno Living Color shampoo and conditioner

A coupon for a free Drumstick

A coupon for a free Suave Professionals product

Slim Stix sugar-free Cosmo Mix and Mojito Mix

Martha Stewart Living Magazine

Newsweek Magazine

Forbes Magazine

Car and Driver Magazine

Woman’s Day Magazine

ESPN Magazine

Bloomberg Businessweek

More Magazine

Architectural Digest Magazine

It was funny, the other day my mom was over and commented on my wide assortment of magazines. They were all free (and I really love reading them…some are more for my husband)! I don’t request a freebie unless I know I’ll use it (or I want to try it). Honestly, requesting freebies is usually so easy. And, like one of my readers said, “it’s like Christmas every day”!

Hope you’re having a great night!

Alicia :-)

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