Reminder: Winner Selected Sunday! Giveaway and Exclusive Alicia’s Deals in AZ Offer! WIN a $525 Value Photo Session, 8×10, and Custom Digital Painting!

I am so excited about this giveaway and exclusive offer! You can WIN a $525 value photo session, 8×10, and custom 8×10 digital painting from Barbara Stitzer Photography. Winner will be selected on Sunday. She’s taken our family photos twice now, and I thought I’d show you how ours turned out (these are two years old now):

Here’s how to win:

1. “Like” this post and “like” Barbara Stitzer Photography on facebook (you must do this to win and this counts as one entry)

2. Join the Alicia’s Deals in AZ e-mail list by sending an e-mail to with SUBSCRIBE/ENTER in the subject line. If you’re already getting the e-mails, just send an e-mail with ENTER in the subject line. This counts as a second entry.

3. Refer your friends and let me know that you did (either send me an e-mail or write it on my facebook wall). Each referral counts as one entry. I did a huge giveaway when our page got to 1,000 likes, when I get to 10,000 likes it’ll be even bigger! 🙂 You could get unlimited entries this way (you’d be more likely to win statistically and I would really appreciate it)!

I am so excited about this part too…

Barbara Stitzer has agreed to give an exclusive deal to all Alicia’s Deals in AZ readers. You can pick up the $525 package for only $39 (the lowest price she’s ever done it for). To schedule, just send her an e-mail at She’ll probably fill up quickly with this HOT deal, so hurry to contact her. If you win, she won’t charge you the $39, and I’ll have no idea who pre-booked and who didn’t.  Be sure to mention Alicia’s Deals in AZ when you book!

Barb makes the most amazing Christmas cards too…We’ve never gotten so many compliments as we did on the accordian cards she made for us.

Check out her site at She has some beautiful work. I was amazed at how well our family shot came out.

Good luck!!!!

Alicia :-)

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