Guaranteed As Seen on TV Mystery Box Only $19.99 from Graveyard Mall!

If you love your infomercials, this is the mystery box for you! Click here to pick up a Guaranteed As Seen on TV mystery box for only $19.99 on Guaranteed means that if you don’t love it, they’ll give you your money back (including shipping) and pay to ship it back. These boxes usually sell out quickly so hurry if you’d like one.

Here’s what’s included:

“Item #1 – Silicone bake set made for either cupcakes, donuts or cookies

Item #2 – A durable metal non-stick coated pan with an 18 section divider, designed to make delicious treats like brownies or other treats that you might cut up the same way.

Item #3 – Robot stirrer continuously stirs in smaller sauce pans

Item #4 – Perfect for the car, this is a Hands free cellphone transmitter turns your radio into a hands free system so you can make calls with ease

Item #5 – Aluminum wallet prefect for holding credit cards, business cards and more

Item #6 – Under bed shoe storage.  See through shoe storage holds 12 pair and fits nicely under your bed

Item #7 – Mystery as seen on TV item from one of several things we have only a few of. 

Item #8 – Mystery as seen on TV item from one of several things we have only a few of. ”

These mystery boxes often take a few weeks to ship, so please be patient.


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