Check Out the Supreme 90 Day Guaranteed Mystery Box!

Click here to check out a new supreme mystery box from Graveyard Mall for $24.99! Your box is guaranteed, so if you don’t love it, they’ll give you a full refund plus pay for postage both ways!

Here’s what’s included:

Item #1 – Supreme 90 Day – 90 days to the body you used to have or the body you’ve always wanted. Better yet, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune like some other programs. Plus, you can get the same results in less than 1 hour right in the convenience of your own home

10 Workouts on 10 DVDs:
5 strength routines to build lean muscle, 3 fat destroying cardio workouts, and 2 core & ab blasting routines for a perfect midsection!

Supreme Nutrition:
Provides a balanced diet and proper nutrition, so your body will be able to build lean muscle, burn fat, and recover quicker.

Success and Results Chart:
Your new daily fitness planner

Item #2 – Wireless Headphones – These amazing headphones let you listen to the TV at the volume you want without disturbing others! They are wireless and can transmit up to 100 feet, so you’ll never miss a second of your favorite show – even if you go into a different room! 

Item #3 – Putty that can fix just about anything, fill and seal! This product bonds to almost any surface. Use for house repairs and to stop leaks. It bonds well to wet surfaces and can be painted, sanded, machined, tapped or drilled when fully cured.

Item #4 – Fantastic Heel Cream – Watch dry, cracked heels disappear with natural neem and karanja oils

Item #5 – Environmentally friendly anti microbial food storage Set – food lasts up to 50 days longer

Item #6 – Battery operated duster with various heads and multi surface cleaning spray

Item #7 – Mystery as seen on TV item from one of several things we have only a few of. 

Item #8 – Mystery as seen on TV item from one of several things we have only a few of.  ”

These mystery boxes are a lot of fun!

Alicia :-)

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