LOVE This! Open Your Child an ING Direct Savings Account This Weekend and They’ll Get $17.76 Deposited FREE…No Minimum Deposit, Earns Interest, My Kids LOVE Theirs!

If your child doesn’t have a bank account yet, this weekend is the perfect time to get one started! Click here for more information about the Financial Independence Days sale at ING Direct. Today through July 3rd, open a kids savings account and they’ll get started with $17.76 from ING (plus whatever you want to add in…no minimums)!

My kids both have ING Direct kids savings accounts and we love checking them. When they receive money for their birthdays, they often want to put it “in the bank” to save it! It’s such a great way to teach about interest and the importance of saving for a rainy day.

What kid wouldn’t love to have an extra $17.76 in the bank? There are also great incentives for adults to open accounts!


Alicia :-)

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