Pics from the Winner of the Cavalia Odysseo Giveaway!!!

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Thanks so much to Alicia’s Deals in AZ reader (and winner) Stacy who shared pics from her experience at the Cavalia Odysseo show last night!

This was her e-mail today:

“As my husband and I drove to see the Cavalia show Odysseo with our very excited 7 year old daughter and her horse loving friend, our daughter said, “Three cheers for Alicia’s Deals. Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!  Hip hip hooray!”  We all joined in the cheering and stayed that excited all evening. We loved the VIP tent with comfy couches, flowing wine and buffet tables of food. The girls enjoyed the popcorn and ice cream. We had great seats for the show, though there didn’t appear to be a bad one in the house.  The horses were gorgeous. Watching them run reminded me of wild horses galloping freely. Then I realized it was all choreographed with the horses running in patterns and groups. It was amazing.
We enjoyed the old western style riding and tricks, the acrobats flying above on rings and ribbons and the dancers doing gymnastics at the speed of light across the floor. And if that wasn’t enough, we got to meet a couple of the horses and a gymnast after the show and take photos with them. From there we walked through the stable to see the rest of the horses. It was a fantastic night that we won’t forget. Thanks Alicia’s Deals!”

The top pic was taken in the VIP tent.

The girls with the horses after the show.

After show pic with gymnast/dancer

I am so glad you had a great time Stacy and thanks so much for sharing your experience with us!

I can’t wait to bring many more GREAT giveaways to all Alicia’s Deals in AZ readers SOON!

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