Last Day to Score 20-25% Off Groupons! Save Huge on Tickets to the Comedy Get Down Feat! See Cedric “The Entertainer”, George Lopez, Eddie Griffin, Charlie Murphy, and More!





It’s the last day to score this deal! If you have a Groupon account, head over here to see if you were selected for a new promo code! Code CUPID20 will get you 20% off up to three deals, code CANDY25 will get you 25% off up to three deals. I was selected for CUPID20, if you have a different code you were selected for please let me know!



You could head over here to get tickets to The Comedy Get Down Feat at Talking Stick Arena on February 13th for a huge discount. Instead of $80.13, you’ll pay $52.60 with code CUPID20 or $49.31 with code CANDY25.  I was just talking to someone about this show today! Check out who will be there:

  • “Cedric the Entertainer: It may have been his induction into The Original Kings of Comedy that turned the most fans onto his wily, honest, yet rarely vulgar standup routine. He’s since made the leap to several Hollywood blockbusters, including the Madagascar series and the Barbershopfilms.
  • Eddie Griffin: This gritty veteran quipster stole the show in Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo and owned the lead role in Undercover Brother.
  • D.L. Hughley: Also a royal member of The Original Kings of Comedy, Hughley was the first host of BET’s Comicview and parlayed his huge success into the hit series The Hughleys.
  • George Lopez: After a successful six-season run of his self-titled series on ABC, this accomplished comedian, actor, and talk-show host continues to slay audiences with his raucous yet socially-conscious standup act that reflects on the Latin American experience.
  • Charlie Murphy: You know him from his role as a writer and cast member of Chappelle’s Show, while Eddie Murphy knows him from his role as Eddie Murphy’s big brother.”

Laughter really is the best medicine.


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