Two Seats on a Handlebar of Scottsdale BYOB Pedaling Tour for $39.20 (Usually $100)!



If you’re looking for an ADULT day or night out, this could be it! Head over here to get two seats on a Handlebar of Scottsdale BYOB pedaling tour for $39.20 (usually $100)!

“Inspired by the modern Dutch tradition of pedal pubs, the founders of The Handle Bar now operate them in three US cities. In Old Town Scottsdale, they invite groups to bring their favorite beers or wine (in plastic containers, of course) for two-hour tours peppered with stops at local bars. As a designated guide and “bar handler” steers the vehicle, groups pedal while sipping spirits under the cover of a weather-shielding awning. The guide can play the radio or hook up the stereo to a passenger’s electronic device. The Handle Bar’s tours—which are well-suited for birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and company outings—were recently featured in the Arizona Republic, as well as the minds of anyone who’s dreamed about them.”

So fun! This is a GREAT price!

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