Did You Hear That Disneyland is Raising Prices (Ugh!)? Check Out My Discounts on Multi Day Tickets!



Have you heard that Disneyland is changing the way they offer one day tickets? Now you’ll have to pay different amounts depending on when you want to go. For example, to go to Disneyland on Easter you’ll now have to pay $119 a the gate or $169 for a Park Hopper ticket that gets you into California Adventure too. Plan ahead a little bit and save!

Head over here to score multi day tickets for less through my relationship with ARES! You’ll save up to $28 per ticket (when you have a family that savings adds up). ARES gets an A+ rating with the BBB and I’ve never heard from a reader who had a problem.

If you want to avoid the park altogether and still get a Disney experience click above for a free video all about the Disney cruise!


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