Tickets to Big Surf for as Low as $12.75 (Usually $29.95)!



If you have a trip to Big Surf planned this summer, you’ll definitely want to save on tickets (it’s $29.95 to get in now)! Head over here to get tickets for $17 each (usually $29.95). If your account was selected for the 25% off code, use code 25OFF to get the price down to $12.75! If you were chosen for a 20% off code use 20OFF and get the price down to $13.60.

I grew up going to Big Surf, it’s always a ton of fun!

“Spread across 20 acres, dozens of rides, slides, and water attractions send visitors splashing through scorching summer days. At the Waikiki Beach wave pool, 2.5 million gallons of water swell and swirl to create refreshing waves every three minutes. Captain Cook’s Landing cools down toddlers, and winding slides tout the names of natural phenomena such as Cyclone, Tsunami, and Tom Hanks. The water park is accompanied by free parking. Rafts, boogie boards, and surfboards are available to rent.

Big Surf Waterpark

In 1966, Big Surf Waterpark founder Phil Dexter built his first model of a wave machine in his backyard, a place he affectionally named Tahiti Phil’s. With some help, and several models later—including one assembled inside an abandoned billiards hall—he perfected the contraption, making it the centerpiece of his newly opened waterpark in 1969. Dexter’s invention instantly snagged press from Time, Sports Illustrated, and Life, and today, it remains Big Surf Waterpark’s 2.5-million-gallon keynote attraction. One of Big Surf Waterpark’s newest attractions is the Mauna Kea Zip Line, which starts high in the air before zipping over the wave pool. Over the years, despite Arizona’s lack of rain or gigantic sprinkler, the park has managed to grow around the wave pool, and its current 20-acre campus features dozens of slides, rides, and areas for all ages. Big Surf’s real estate has also played host to entertainment events, including concerts from Pink Floyd, Elton John, and the Beach Boys.”


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