SMOKING HOT! Rakuten (Formerly Ebates) Wants to Give You $30! Earn Money Back for Things You’re Already Buying Online (Stores Like Lululemon, Nike, ShopDisney, and Thousands of Others)! No Brainer!

This is CRAZY HOT and truly a no brainer! It you’re not already a member of Rakuten (formerly Ebates), head over here to join now and you’ll get a huge $30 bonus after you make your first $25 purchase through the site (full disclosure, I’ll get a bonus too that will help keep the site going…THANK YOU).

It is truly SO EASY. There are thousands of stores available. Let’s say you were going to buy a pair of Nike shoes from You would go to Rakuten first, search for Nike, and click “shop now”. Today you would get 7% back of your purchase into your Rakuten account AUTOMATICALLY.

You can do the same thing with ShopDisney (today they’re giving 10% back), Lululemon (today they’re giving 6.5% back), and TONS of other stores!

You must sign up and make your first purchase before May 1st to get the $30 bonus. They’ll mail you a check a couple of times a year.

Rakuten is taking the advertising fees from these companies (that they pay to Google and lots of other sites) and sharing them with you. If you shop online a lot it could be literally hundreds of dollars a year! Please share!


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