Quilted Northern is Now Selling Toilet Paper Directly and Brawny is Selling Paper Towels Directly! Georgia Pacific I Think I Love You!

Update: To give you a better idea of how long it will take I ordered 4/22 and my order just shipped (4/27). They say I should receive 5/1. Hope this helps!

Thanks so much to Alicia’s Deals reader Steve for sending over this really helpful piece of info…Quilted Northern is now selling toilet paper directly to consumers online. Head over here to get 24 mega rolls or 48 double rolls for $27.50 shipped while supplies last.

It got me thinking that since Quilted Northern is selling directly, their sister company Brawny might be too and they ARE! Head over here to order paper towels. You can get 24 full sheet large rolls for $32.99 shipped.

If you like Angel Soft (another Georgia Pacific brand), head over here to get 35 Mega Rolls for $31.99 (like 144 regular rolls).

You could head over here to get 32 Sparkle paper towel rolls for $34.99 (like 64 regular rolls).

You can also order direct from Vanity Fair and Dixie (also Georgia Pacific brands). These are all while supplies last.

Brawny told me that I should expect my paper towels in about two weeks when I called.

Thanks again Steve!

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