FREE 10-Minute Test That Might Help You Understand Yourself and Important People Around You Better!

I truly believe that when we understand where people close to us are coming from, we’ll get along better and live happier lives. This week my daughter volunteered to be a part of an AP research project for a teammate. Each volunteer took a free 10-minute personality test (in case you’re curious, the purpose of the project is to measure if one personality type is best at learning choreography quickly).

After she took the test, I decided to take it too (you can check it out here). I remember taking the same test several years ago and re-taking it was very helpful. My personality type is ESFJ (there are 16 unique types). My daughter’s type is different from mine and the descriptions of why we do things the way we do were spot on. We already get along very well, but it’s so helpful as a parent to remember that people look at the world through different lenses. I have to get the rest of my family to take it now!

This is not a diagnosis by any means and I’m not affiliated with their site, I just really appreciated the information and think it can help me be a better parent, wife, sister, friend, etc.! I hope this free test helps you understand yourself and the people most important to you too! I’m all about self-improvement in 2022!


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