My Favorite Deals at the Grocery Stores This Week!

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It’s Wednesday and time for the grocery deals for the week (prices are good through October 25th)!

With sky-high inflation (especially in Arizona!!!) keeping tabs on what’s on sale is more important than ever!

Head over here to check out Ibotta if you haven’t yet. It’s an app that can get you cash back on all kinds of things you’re probably already buying! Plus you’ll get a $10 bonus after you get your first offer! Score deals like $2 back when you buy Revol Greens Products, $.25 back when you buy grapes from California, $.40 back when you buy Barilla Pasta, $1.50 back when you buy Suja Cold Pressed Juice, $1 back when you buy Ben’s Original Ready Rice, $2.50 back when you buy FAGE Total 0% blended Vanilla yogurt, $.75 back when you buy Life cereal, $1 back when you buy Tate’s Bake Shop Cookies, $2 back when you buy Quilted Northern Toilet Paper, $1.75 back when you buy Batiste Dry Shampoo, and lots of other great deals.$4 back when you buy Stouffer’s Party Size Meals, and many other great money-back deals

My Favorite Deals:

Albertsons/Safeway (they have one joint ad): Load coupons to your Just 4 U account to get up to two 16-ounce containers of red, ripe strawberries for $.67.each, up to two packages of Lucerne Shredded cheese for $.97/each, up to four boxes of select General Mills or Post Cereals for $1.67/each, up to 12 containers of Yoplait Yogurt for $.37/each, and more!

All-natural boneless skinless chicken breasts: $2.47/lb.

Fresh Fuji apples or Bartlett Pears: $.87/lb.

85% lean ground beef: $2.97/lb.

Blue Bunny ice cream or novelties: $2.97/each (first 4)

Lucerne milk: $2.77/gallon


Large Gala, Fuji, Pink Lady, Granny Smith, Sweetie, Golden, or Red Delicious Apples: $.98/lb.

Red, gold, orange, or green bell peppers: $.88/each

Lay’s potato chips: Buy one get one free

Score a personal digital Thank You offer to get a large avocado for $.50

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only sale: get pork back ribs for $1.99/lb., Asparagus for $1.77/lb., Cliff or Kind Bars for $.99/each, and more\


Blueberries: $.97/container

Large avocados: $.88/each

Fresh Atlantic salmon fillets: $8.99/lb.

Fresh boneless pork tenderloin or half loin: Buy 1 get 1 free

Pillsbury Grands, Crescents, or Cinnamon Rolls: Buy 1 get 1 free

Fresh Heritage Farm Chicken Drumsticks, thighs, or split breasts: $.99/lb.


20% off all vitamins and body care with the Sprouts app

Large 12-ounce package of raspberries: $3.98

Large 18-ounce package of blueberries: $3.98

Jumbo Hass avocados: 3 for $5

La Croix Sparkling Water: 2 for $7

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Fillets: $9.99/lb.


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