My Favorite Deals at the Grocery Stores This Week!

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It’s Wednesday and time for the grocery deals for the week (prices are good through October 18th)!

With sky-high inflation (especially in Arizona!!!) keeping tabs on what’s on sale is more important than ever!

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My Favorite Deals:

Albertsons/Safeway (they have one joint ad): Load coupons to your Just 4 U account to get up to two containers of Signature Select Ice Cream for $.97/each, up to four 24-packs of Refreshe water for $2.47/each, and more!

Fresh bananas: $.39/lb.

Fresh broccoli crowns or tomatoes on the vine: $.87/lb.

80% lean ground beef: $2.77/lb. in value pack

USDA beef roasts: $3.47/lb.

Large size General Mills Cereals: $2.47/each first 3


USDA Choice New York Steak: $5.97/lb.

Pork sirloin chops: $1.37/lb.

Red seedless grapes: $.88/lb.

Italian, yellow, or gray squash or tomatoes on the vine: $.88/lb.

La Croix 8-packs: $2.99/each


Raspberries: $.99/container

Kroger 80% lean ground beef: $2.77/lb.

Boneless beef chuck roast: $3.99/lb.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only save 33% off Halloween candy


Familytree Farms Jumboz Blueberries: $4.98/9.8 oz. container

Grape tomatoes: 3 dry pints for $5

Hass Avocados: $.68/each

Tropical Red Mangos: $.98/each

Sweet onions: 4 lbs. for $5


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