Try Martha Stewart’s Meal Delivery Service Marley Spoon and Save Up to 51% Off! I’m Trying it As a Cooking Lesson in a Box!

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I am coming to grips with the fact that my son is going off to college soon. I’m trying to figure out how to best get him ready before he’s on his own. From ironing to cooking there are important adult skills he needs! I was at my friend’s house (she also has a senior) the other day and she received her meal delivery box when I was visiting. I was curious and she said she has her high school kids make the meals. Everything is measured out so they have the exact ingredients and instructions, it’s a fabulous cooking lesson in a box! I’ve decided to give this idea a shot and you can too for less! Head over here to save up to 51% off your first box from Marley Spoon (and get free shipping). I purchased 4 servings, 2 meals a week and my first box will arrive next Wednesday (the total price for my first box is $47.92 shipped but you can spend less and get 2 servings). I got to pick the meals (there were many recipes to choose from). Many of the meals included steak, salmon, or other nice ingredients (it wasn’t just beans and rice). I love that Martha Stewart makes the recipes hope this will help our family get used to whipping up new things (I often get stuck in cooking ruts).

Check out the details:

“Select a plan, set location and delivery details, and receive your ingredients for a great meal from Marley Spoon.

  • Save (up to) 51% on your first order, plus free shipping.
  • Customise your plan, skip weeks, or cancel at any time.
  • Our flexible subscription allows you to edit, pause, or cancel your boxes at any time.”

Let me know if there’s a meal delivery service that you love! I’ll update how the cooking “lesson” goes!


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