Save on just about everything you buy online–if you don’t use this you’re overpaying!!!

Fellow deal lovers, if you’re not signed up for Ebates, you really should be! With the holidays coming, there’s a lot of online shopping to be done, and why not get money back if you can? Go to to sign up or a totally free account! The way it works is you go to the ebate website and find the store (they have thousands) you want to shop at. Click on that store’s link and ebates will track how much you spent and credit back the percentage the store agreed to. This cash back can really add up. I love that you can get these cash back credits in addition to any coupons or promo codes you already have.

Some examples:

Target: 3% cash back
Home Depot: 5% cash back
Disney Store: 7% cash back
Barnes and Noble: 8% cash back
Ann Taylor: 6% cash back
Nordstrom: 5% cash back
The Body Shop: 10% cash back
Walmart: 2% cash back
Groupon: 3% cash back (so you can save on top of your savings!!!!)
Sephora: 4% cash back

Super huge thanks to Trish for reminding me about this amazing program! If you have any questions about it, feel free to e-mail me (just click on the e-mail link).

Happy Monday!

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