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We all know that we should go green for the environment. Did you know that going green can actually help your bottom line? With the great rebates APS and SRP offer to everyone, making your home energy efficient is more affordable than ever. An added bonus…you’ll be amazed at how much less you spend on monthly energy bills.

APS Rebates: (descriptions from the APS website)

Residential AC Rebates:

SEER 13: APS Rebate Amount $175
SEER 14-16: APS Rebate Amount $425
SEER 17: APS Rebate Amount $525

Go to: http://www.aps.com/main/green/choice/choice_3.html?source=prgj for more information.

Get discounts on energy-efficient CFL bulbs. Search for participating retailers: http://portal.ecosconsulting.com/locator/default.aspx?id=1

APS Duct Test and Repair Rebate Program

The APS Duct Test and Repair Program* offers rebates up to $250 for APS customers to have a Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certified Contractor test and repair air leaks in their heating/cooling duct system. Go to http://www.aps.com/main/green/choice/choice_18.html?source=prgj for more information.

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®  program is the next step toward ensuring that you are getting most for your money. You will receive a comprehensive assessment, normally costing over $400, to identify the best ways to improve the comfort, efficiency, and safety of your home. Best of all, APS is now bringing this services to you for only $99.

Go to http://www.aps.com/main/green/choice/choice_112.html?source=prgj for more information.

If you’re one of the many pool owners in Arizona, you know how important it is to keep your pool clean, clear and healthy. But did you know that your pool may be one of the largest consumers of electricity in your house? To help you save energy, APS is now offering rebates up to $200 on qualifying energy efficient pool pumps and seasonal timers.

Available Rebates:

$200 rebate for qualifying variable-speed pumps
$100 rebate for two-speed pump
$75 rebate for qualifying seasonal pool timers.

Turning in that old refrigerator or freezer in your garage can save you up to $100 a year on your energy bill. APS will haul it away for free, recycle it and send you a $30 rebate. Go to http://www.aps.com/main/green/choice/choice_107.html?source=prgj for more information.

SRP Rebates: (descriptions from SRP website)

Residential AC/Heat Pump rebates:

Replace a heat pump or central air conditioner with a qualifying high-efficiency central cooling system and get a Cool Cash Rebate from SRP.

AC Units or Heat Pumps:

SEER 15: $200 rebate
SEER 16: $300 rebate
SEER 17 or higher: $400 rebate

At Costco, you can save $2 per box of LED holiday lights. Discount automatic. Go to http://www.srpnet.com/energy/powerwise/savewithsrp/LEDholidaylights.aspx for more information.

For $59.95 per working unit, SRP will send out a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor to perform a 16-point inspection on your heat pump. Deal is good through December 31st, 2010. Go to http://www.srpnet.com/energy/powerwise/savewithsrp/heatcheckup.aspx for more information.

SRP residential customers can receive a special rate of just $3 per square foot for new or refurbished, installed shade screens that block 80% of the sun’s rays on east-, west- and south-facing windows. The purchase must be made between May 1, 2010, and Dec. 31, 2010. SRP customers can call the Arizona Energy Management Council at (602) 266-7283 for a participating shade screen contractor. For more information go to http://www.srpnet.com/energy/powerwise/savewithsrp/Shadescreens.aspx.

SRP will take away your older, working refrigerator or freezer, recycle it, and send you a check for $30. Go to http://www.srpnet.com/energy/powerwise/savewithsrp/ApplianceRecycling.aspx for more information.

We have a lot of sunshine in our state, and solar energy can power your home. Contact APS or SRP about current incentives for installing solar panels in your home. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you save on your energy bills!

Happy Tuesday!!!

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