As Seen on 3TV…SUPER Big Game Deals!


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The most important part of your perfect Super Bowl party is a tv to watch the big game on and today you can head over here to get an LG 55 inch 4K Ultra HD 2160p HDTV for $515, they raised the price to $698, I guess $515 was a mistake (such a huge bummer I’m so sorry) usually $899 at Walmart. You can order online and have it waiting for you at the Walmart closest to you.

If you don’t care about 4K, you can get a 55 inch highly rated Toshiba TV for $399.99, a full $150 off. This is a flat screen and it’s amazing how inexpensive these tv’s have gotten!
One inexpensive tip I heard to give your Super Bowl party a WOW is to take Flat screen tv’s from bedrooms in your home and put them all in the party room. You’ll get a sports bar vibe and everyone will get to see every angle of the game! It requires just a little bit of lifting, no cash required!
After the TV, the most important part of your big game party is your food and drinks! If you’re looking for fresh party trays, you may want to head to Sprouts! All of their custom trays are 25% off, you can actually order them now for Sunday. They have the best veggie platters, fruit platters, and cheese platters that I’ve ever had! They’re beautiful and a little bit healthy!
If you want to make the food really easy, think about calling Someburros. For Super Bowl Sunday only you can get a fiesta platter full of 40 delicious golden brown Mexican minis, guacamole, hot sauce, and a big bag of chips for $38, five bucks off. This will feed 10-12 people which works out to under $4 a person! Call 24 hours or more in advance, they have locations all over town!
Beer is a big part of most Super Bowl parties and today you can pick up a 30 pack of Budweiser, Coors, Miller or Tecate for $16.97 at Albertsons.
At Bashas’ you can pick up a 12 pack of Corona or Heineken for $10.99 Friday through Sunday.
Enjoy the deals!

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