The Comp Train is BACK at Goldstar! See Ballet Arizona, Fences (Pulitzer Winning Drama About Racism in Baseball), Comedian Paul Rodriguez, and More for Just the Cost of Ticket Fees!



Just in time for the weekend, the COMP TRAIN is back on Goldstar! Head over here to snag a totally free account if you don’t already have one. Today they’re offering tickets to some great events for just the cost of the ticket fees. You could click here to get a comp ticket to see Ballet Arizona’s spring program of provocative choreography for just the ticket fee (usually $45-$159). 



Head over here to get comp tickets to see Fences, a Pulitzer winning drama about racism in baseball at the Herberger (usually $50-$57). 



Head over here to score comp tickets to see Paul Rodriguez at the Laugh Factory (usually $20).

Shop around and check out all of the comp tickets available!


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