Extra $5 off ANY Local Flavor Deal! Tons of $20 Deals for $5 All Over Town!



Head over here to get an EXTRA $5 off ANY Local Flavor (formerly Deal Chicken) deal with code TICKET. You can use the code multiple times (just check out in between each transaction) and there are deals all over town.

Check out some of the options:



If you’re in Gilbert, head over here to get $20 to spend on food and beverages at Bold Roost Espresso Bar and Cafe for $5 with code TICKET. Check out the reviews the place earns.



Are you close to Glendale? Head over here to get $20 to spend at Brother’s Pizza for $5 with code TICKET. I’ve heard the food is great!



Close to downtown Scottsdale? Head over here to get $20 to spend at Old Town Local Cafe Gelato for $5 with code TICKET.

Let me know what you find that you love! This is seriously a great chance to try a new place! You can’t cook for $5!!!


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