Feeling Lucky? $5 Groupon Spring Mystery Deals Shipped to Your Door!



If you feel like a surprise, head over here to get $5 spring mystery deals shipped to your door from Groupon. There are options for men, women, or unisex and you’re sure to get something!

  • “Randomly selected mystery product
  • Choose a men’s, women’s, or unisex item
  • No need to select your size; we won’t send apparel or other sized items
  • Women’s items may include a scarf or a beauty product
  • Men’s items may include a tool or a watch
  • Unisex items may include sports equipment, yard decor, or a DVD
  • Limited number of high-value items also possible, such as a designer handbag or watch, iPad, or Asus laptop
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When you receive your mystery product, show it off on your favorite social media platform using the hashtag #mysterygroupon.

About the Goods Mystery Deal

Luck is elusive. Sailors seek it in the soaring albatross. Children clutch rabbit’s feet. The English yank wishbones, while Americans bathe in lottery tickets. And then there’s that stalwart of Irish folklore: a four-leaf clover, the symbol voted most likely to cull divine favor. St. Patrick’s Day is considered by many to be the fortuitous time of the year, a holiday that all but demands you try your luck in ways large and small.

Purchasing the Goods Mystery Deal will get you a mystery item in the mail. You can pick whether you want a product designed for women, men, or a gender-neutral item. When your mystery arrives, you’ll first puzzle over the opaque box. Then you’ll want to rip it open and show off your newfound treasure to the world.”


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